Quality, Continuous Improvement & Innovation

Maintaining Quality

We pride our business on the high quality we deliver on projects and services.  Contracts are completed on time and as specified with our focus on Total Quality Management culminating in zero defects.  Our definition of quality is delivering a product or service which meets all of customer’s expectations.


We are extremely proud of our dependable, faithful, professional and well-equipped personnel who are fully supported to ensure all work we carry out is done so in a scheduled, logical, resourceful and transparent manner.


Certified to ISO 9001:2008, our Management System surpasses the basic standard. All of our key processes, including formulating a tender, health & safety, environmental risk analysis, project execution, handover and after-care, fall within the Management System considerations.


It is crucial and of utmost importance that we regularly review our systems, procedures and performances so our business remains energetic and pioneering. We are proud of our market-leading position within Oxfordshire for construction services, and endeavour to provide clients and end users with a respected service of the highest conceivable quality. It is the most successful way to ensure we preserve our reputation and win repeat business.


Group BS EN ISO 9001 2008 Certificate available for download


Continuous improvement & innovation

Our focus is on leading the way in all sectors which the Sheehan Group operates. In order to achieve this, we must nurture an environment that prospers on innovation and co-operation.   One which shares experience and knowledge within and collaborates with suppliers to establish strategic alliances for the best interest of our customers and the wider industry.


In order to enable this, the Sheehan Group sets clear targets, founding a mutual purpose; is dedicated to innovation; enthusiastically encourages and accepts new ideas; and affords the moral and commercial support necessary to implement them.



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