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WASHED Recycled Aggregates

By recycling construction, demolition and excavation waste we produce fully certified sand and aggregates from our washing plant in West Oxfordshire.


This process produces the highest quality sand and aggregate products, thus ensuring complete customer satisfaction with the final washed material.


The Process


The recycling of construction, demolition and excavation waste comprises of processing the material through our washing equipment and the resulting production of sand and aggregate products for use on a wide variety of construction projects.  Our product range includes:



Our systems have been engineered specifically to handle the very dirty nature of construction and demolition waste material and the high level of contamination within the raw demolition waste material. Our bespoke system includes the following equipment:

The utilisation of a full closed circuit water treatment and recycling system on our construction waste recycling guarantees that the footprint of the washing plant remains compact as the requirement for ponds or lagoons to hold waste water from the recycling plant is eliminated. 99% of water used on the washing plant is reused, minimising the requirement for fresh water to feed the system to top-up only.


The washing of construction, demolition and excavation waste material ensures optimum results in respect of plant efficiency and final product quality.


Full details of the installation of our Recycled Aggregate Facility can be found via our case study.

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